Hair Salon Gift Certificate Template

Gift Certificates Can Boost Business

Enhance the financial stability of your hair salon by offering your customers the option of getting custom gift certificates.

They purchase the amount of service they want for future use. Not only does this stimulate gift giving ideas for your regular customers, but it will also bring new customers into your shop to cash in on your line of services.

Customers might also be prompted to save the gift certificates for themselves, in case they are low on cash and need a safety net that the certificates can provide in a pinch. For example, they may be low on money but may need to come go the hair salon before their next payday. By having a gift certificate, they would have already prepaid.

Each time a hair salon owner provides service, is an opportune moment to mention to clients the benefits of getting a gift certificate. By adding a dollar amount onto the certificate, the purchasers are guaranteeing the recipient will receive salon services that are equivalent to the total of the certificate.

The process of acquiring your gift certificates is expedited by our gift certificate creator site. Hair salon owners only need to provide the name of the recipient, their company’s name or the name of another person where the certificate is coming from, the amount of cash to be added to the certificate and any message that the giver wishes to include on the gift certificate. When all of these details are entered, salon owners can print the information themselves. This certificate will serve as free advertising when it is given. No doubt the recipient will show it to others, who will take note of the salon’s features, address and contact details.

A single customized hair salon gift certificate template can make the return of investment very worthwhile and stimulate the growth of a hair salon business. This can be an ongoing marketing campaign which expends effortless energy and expenditure for the business owner. Owners should always stock the certificates so they can be promoted regularly.