Some Words About - Please Read!

Hello Guys and Gals and thank you for using my site to create your certificates!!

Let’s clear up some things about this site!

I was fed up with all these worthless web pages offering template designs, that in a scale of quality from zero to ten (0-10), are marginally above zero. Even worse, some of these sites are asking for a fee in order to use a template!!

For once in my life I needed some custom certificates, but I couldn’t find the quality I was looking for! Thus, I have created this site to bring quality certificate templates to all you!

To help support, by offsetting a fraction of what it takes to maintain the site, I use google ads in all template posts. I will keep the creation of the templates free, but I need some cash for the hosting and the gift certificate templates designer! If you donate, keep in mind that I will use most of the donations for more quality certificate template designs!

Having said that, I would be very grateful if you could help me improve the overall experience of the site, by giving me some feedback.

Use this icon

located on the bottom right of the site, to bring up the forum dialog and propose a new feature/design or describe a problem you found.

The last feedback I got was,

Free template, enter info, click submit and nothing happens except it goes back to a blank certificate. RIP OFF !

Oh my, this guy/gal had a shitty day!

I understand the frustration of losing 5 minutes, filling in the submission form and getting back a pile of shit ;) … but without giving me more details about your pc/tablet/phone and what version of web browser are using, I am not able to reproduce the bug and find a solution! Note here that indeed, the form in all templates needs a page refresh to work again, after a submission, as a security measure!

I will end this long post with a big THANKS for visiting and using this site. Please help me improve the whole experience and don’t forget to recommend my service to your friends!